Sunday, 2 December 2012

Cold bones and crazy german chocolate

Black & grey tops - H&M
Black Blazer - H&M
Mint jeans - H&M
Black wedges - ASOS
Green bubble necklace - Ebay

I attended a Frock around the clock vintage fair today in a local country residence Lissan House which was built in the 1620's. The house has longest known occupation by a single family of a domestic dwelling in Ireland, which I thought was a pretty cool fact. The building has been extensively restored and featured on BBC 1's Restoration in 2003 narrowly missing out on winning one million pounds towards it restoration. Since it's sole inhibitor died in 2006 (imagine living there to 83yrs old) it has been partly restored to its former glory. Oh and I forgot my SLR so crappy iphone photos are going to sting your eyeballs all the way.

The house in 2006

The house after restoration
The house was amazing, although with so many stalls set up it was hard to see everything, so I'm looking forward to going back some day when it's finished to see it in all its glory. I'm big into Architecture and Interior design and while I favour modern design I have a big appreciation for all types of Architecture styles and Era's.

The nursery and master bedroom

I have to say I felt a little under dressed in my jeans, there were girls in amazing 1950's style dresses with pin curls and gorgeous fur coats while I looked like something that should be in the window of H&M! Although they must have been freezing, as it was actually warmer outside, can't believe that old woman survived so long in it I wouldn't last a day- they don't make 'em like they used to eh?! I'm still frozen to the bone hours later.

There were some gorgeous things for sale such as vintage clothing, hats, handmade crafty type jewellery, vintage jewellery, vintage children's games and of course the obligatory cupcakes.

Some of the vintage jewellery and china

Book cake and the kitchen

What I bought - truffles from the crazy German chocolate man that seems to be everywhere I go (I swear he's following me on a one man mission to fatten me up and then eat me- yes he is that mad) a caramel chocolate cupcake and a vintage dress ring.


  1. Oh yes...that German man is so funny! It's like he knows he's got u hook line and sinker once u try the sample! I am insanely addicted to his dark choc florentines! It's a great fair and I'm loving the location. Avril x

    1. Yes, but he usually scares the life out of kids as they don't realise he's only joking! It was a beautiful location, cant't wait to get back there sometime.

  2. Love that ring - but I never can resist a bit of bling. That German man sounds intriguing ... Avril knows him too?? Very odd:)


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