Sunday, 30 December 2012

Happy new year & a few Instagrams

Happy new year, hope you done something nice last night. I'm really looking forward to 2013 as we will hopefully be in our new house before the end of the year, so that's part of the reason I'm imposing a no shopping ban on myself for the month on January at least. One of my resolutions is to wear more of my clothes instead of buying something new every time I have to go somewhere nice, my wardrobes heaving and a nice shiny new house is on the horizon. Another resolution is to get fit again, I was super fit for the first six months of 2012 but just didn't have to time to maintain it, so I renewed my gym membership last month to get a wee head start and I fully intend to use it, starting tomorrow.

Just a few random photo's from the last few days:
  1. Out and about with my wee man through the muck
  2. My favourite brunch every day
  3. Recycling an old ferrero rocher tray for rings
  4. Work secret santa
  5. Christmas cookies for Santa/me- well I had try them, no one wants to poisin Santa do they?!

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  1. Lol - I have that mug!! Loving the Ferrero Rocher tray idea too - I better eat all mine up to free up the box! Avril x


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