Monday, 26 November 2012

Weekend round up

I had a pretty hectic weekend (nothing new there) Friday was spent shopping, I'm only making start on Christmas shopping now,  I forgot to take an outfit photo, and to be honest I can't even remember what I wore. Saturday was a day of housework and I took my little boy for yet another haircut. It was absolutely Baltic so I wanted to wear a cosy coat and new boots so the rest of my outfit was based around that. Looking back now I look like a bit of a farmers wife and don't really like my outfit, but the only person who saw me was the hairdresser ( and you guys too of course!). I got the boots on Friday, I'm a sucker for a navy shoe as it's so hard to find them so I couldn't resist, they're a cross between a brogue and an ankle boot, but looking back they are probably over priced at £125 quid, so I going to need to get quite a few wears out of them.

Khaki jacket - River Island
Navy jumper - Primark
Cream jeans - H&M
Navy boots - Local Boutique
Bird print Scarf - Warehouse

Saturday night I went out with the girls for a long awaited catch up, it's been planned from about August. I wanted something dressy yet comfy as we were going for a meal at an Italian restaurant with amazing food and I bloat like a bitch after eating (thanks gluten and dairy intolerance) so I felt the leather skirt dressed the silk shirt up enough and as an added bonus it was warm.

Silk shirt - ASOS
Leather skirt - Topshop
Boots - New Look

This was Sunday's and Monday's outfit, albeit with a change of top, we took our little boy to the pool on Sunday, todays top tip btw-  the swimming pool and hangovers do not mix! I was only dressed a few hours so recycled it today and added a polka dot top and scarf instead of yesterday's black blouse. I took today off work to do some more Christmas shopping, I actually ended up doing more clothes shopping for myself than anything. Although I have to say there's very little in the shops other than glitter tops and peplum dresses and if your not into that, then there's really not much else out there.

Leather jacket - Oasis
Polka dot top - Next
Pink jeans - New Look
Boots - Jones Bootmaker
Scarf - Peacocks

Here's some of today's buys. I got the pleather leggings and yellow jacket in H&M. The actual jacket I got isn't on the website but this one is very similar. I've been after a yellow jacket since I the gorgeous Zara yellow from last season, but I snoozed big time and missed out on it, so I'm well pleased with myself now. The leggings are great quality for £25 quid, and I can't wait to break them out over Christmas. Yip, that's another pair of navy shoes (told you I had a problem) there was 30% off in Barratts today and well I'm only human. The majority of stuff I bought was from H&M and it's not on the website so your just going to have to wait to see it in outfit posts.



  1. Loving the new boots! You'll have to tell me on the FB page where you bought them….SO hard to find nice navy shoes…they are gorgeous. Great new buys too - looking forward to seeing them on you. Avril x

  2. I also love those navy boots! I've got a bright yellow jacket, got it in Wallis about 5 years ago but can't part with it!

  3. Thanks ladies, can't wait to get styling the new buys- watch this space!


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