Friday, 2 November 2012

The cosy yeti

It's a horrible rainy cold day here, so today's outfit has been chosen for the warmth factor, my yeti gilet is so damn warm I just couldn't pass it by on a day like this. Also I really wanted to wear my new Jones Bootmaker ankle boots so my outfit was based around theses two items. I've been after a nice pair of investment leather ankle boots for months now, I wanted a pair that wouldn't date and I think I've got the right ones, they're kind of a mix between a Chelsea boot a riding boot and a biker boot, so they tick all the boxes!
I'm wearing black leggings here, I actually forgot how comfortable they were, as I haven't wore leggings in a lifetime. I prefer skinny jeans or trousers because they tend to add structure to an outfit, but I have to say I may start wearing leggings a bit more again as there are great for lounging around with my little boy, and I don't intend to do much more than that today.

Jumper - Dunnes
Gilet - Boohoo
Leggings - Next


  1. Oooh nice boots. Your gilet reminds me of mine which I get out every year round about now. I was thinking of trying to wear it over a jacket for an alternative look this year. I actually thought you had a dress on - not a tunic.

  2. I have worn it over a black leather jacket and it looks good, especially with the whole leather sleeve thing this season. It's just a wee cheapy jumper I bought while pregnant so it's kinda baggy now so I kind of had to cover it.


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