Thursday, 29 November 2012

The elusive blue jean

I always have a essentials list at the start of every season. This list doesn't contain luxury or designer items that I swoon over and long to have, no that would be too easy, what I actually do is picture an item in my head and then spend months trawling the Internet and traipsing around shops looking for it only to find that usually it doesn't exist (because it only exists in my head) and I have to settle for something similar. My sis in law says I should be a fashion designer as I'm the only person she knows who thinks of what they want to buy first then tries to find it, but surely I'm not the only person to do this?!

So here was the list I've had since about the end of the summer:
  • Black real leather waterfall jacket
  • Black leather ankle boots
  • Black suede court shoes
  • Mid blue skinny jeans

There's quite a lot of black items as I don't have a lot of black in my wardrobe, but for some reason I have been drawn to it for Autumn/winter. I always used to think black was too safe and too easy and liked the challenge of dressing in anything but black, but I've just realised how essential a few black items are.

So far I've ticked 3 of the four items of my list, but the mid blue skinny jeans, as common as they sound are proving very elusive. I bought the leather jacket and boots about 6- 8 weeks back and I ticked off the suede courts last week from ASOS. They are exactly the same style as my nude courts, but they were always tight on my left foot thanks to a long fourth toe, I've often thought of cutting the little bugger off - especially when struggling to walk in a gorgeous pair of designer shoes that just happen to have 50% off. Well they do say fashion is pain!! Anyways I ordered them on the off chance that they may fit a bit better than the nude ones, and what do you know they did, and they ticked all the boxes, that is, round toe but not too round, suede, not too high and not too low and they look good with tights.

Here's the three items I have ticked off so far.
Oasis leather jacket Jones Bootmaker boots Asos Scala shoes

On to item four then -the perfect blue jeans. This tends to change from season to season, last season it was a pair of blue boyfriend jeans I was after (no I didn't find them either) this season it's perfect blue skinnies, I figure it's a bit too cold at the mo' to wear boyfriend jeans as I think they look best with a bit of ankle showing.

I'm very particular about the colour of my blue jeans, I find a lot of the blue jeans out there tend to look very cheap as they are a real wishy washy colour. The shade I'm after tends to be described as 'blue blue' or 'mid blue' which is a nice bright blue. I have a pair of jeggings (which are getting a bit too holey and therefore draughty) and a pair of diesel straight leg jeans this colour but I really need a pair of skinnies. They also have to have no (or very little) stitching on the pockets, don't ask me why I just have something against this. I don't want them too low either, Topshop Baxter's are perfect in this department but I don't like the shade of blue they come in, and they also have to be a bit distressed or worn looking. These are similar kinda what I'm looking for, although they're not spot on. So it looks like the search will continue, I will not be beaten this time!!


  1. It's definitely not just you - I'm exactly the same (and am also on an endless hunt for the perfect, mid-blue jeans), and seem to spend my life constantly dreaming up the "perfect" item and then hunting fruitlessly for it. My life would be so much simpler if I just took the time to learn how to sew my own clothes!

    I love that leather jacket, by the way - it really is perfect!

    1. Thank god I'm not the only one then Amber, we have a lot of similarities shopping wise, I usually overlook and item only to go back for it and it's sold out then I spend months looking for it too.

  2. Love the pieces you have managed to tick off the list!

    1. Aw thanks I love them too although the ASOS shoes may be uncomfy as they are quite stiff, time will tell.

  3. LOVE that Oasis jacket - really want one too:)

    1. Get it! It's so buttery soft and smells devine.


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