Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Stuck in a hair rut

I'm currently trying to grow out my hair from a Frankie Saturdays style cut. When I was about seven and a half months pregnant I took a mad notion to go for the chop. My hair was way down may back before this so it was a bit of a shock to a lot of people. So here's the before and after (excuse the crappy quality pics, I don't posses a lot of pics of myself)
I tend to do this every few years, in the last 10 years I've had it cropped about 3 times. I'm fortunate in that my hair grows quick, which is a real pain when its short as I have to get it trimmed every few weeks to keep it in shape, but at the minute it's just not growing fast enough. I had planned on growing it until just before Christmas and getting a restyle, but I don't think its going to be at the length I thought it would be at.
I have a natural wave in my hair so it takes me quite a bit of time styling my hair especially when it's cut into a lot of layers so I want something that's a bit handier. My hair also tends to be be a bit frizzy so I go through a vat of frizz-ease every month, although I also have to use quite a bit on my sons hair, apart from the colour he has exactly the same hair as me, it's been cut at least ten times and he's not even 18 months yet. I had to get it cut when he was about 6 months old- cue much dismay from family members about how I couldn't cut his hair until he was one, but when strangers were mistaking him for a girl when he wasn't wearing 'boy' colours I know it was time to go for the chop, anyways I digress.

I'm also toying with the idea of getting a fringe, but I'm not totally sold on this, I've had a few fringes in the past but again with the whole fast growing hair thing it can be a bit of a nightmare keeping it just right. I love Zooey Deschanel's hair on New Girl, it really makes me yearn for the good ole days of long thick locks, I think I'll grow it a bit longer then this is the kind of style I will go for.

Big time hair envy here

I had an ombre colour for a short while just before I went for the chop last time and I was thinking of going for it again just to add a bit of interest while I grow it. These are my favourite inspiration pics, although I probably wouldn't go anywhere near as blonde as the second one. Would love to know what y'all think.


  1. I do that ... grow, grow, grow, grow, chop. But not as drastic as a Frankie style. I just get mine bobbed and then think it's a bit draughty around the back and I can't tie it up and get hacked off with it and it costs too much to go to the hairdressers all the time and then we grow again. Repeat cycle. I think picture 4 is a good style for you to achieve in the interim whilst you're trying to grow your hair and the colour is much subtler.

    I think I'm a long hair girl myself - I just feel more feminine which is strange coming from someone who doesn't think of themselves as being particularly girly.

  2. I am laughing because I could have written this post! I am due to go to the hair dressers at 1.30 today and I am in two minds as to what to do. Like you, I had long hair, had it cut short and have waited FOREVER for it to grow. I think mine will never be long again :-(
    I also have slightly curly hair (battle with frizz CONSTANTLY) and so I'm wondering if I shouldn't just embrace the curls and go with it instead of fighting it everyday?

    And then on to fringe or no fringe debate? I want a fringe to hide the wrinkles but I have a stupid cows lick that drives me bonkers!

    No doubt at 2.30 I will end up with something I didn't want and be regretting it forever more!!



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