Monday, 19 November 2012

Queen of the Castle

We spent the past weekend at Lough Eske Castle Donegal, it was so relaxing, just what the doctor ordered, it was my husbands Birthday present - I always tend to buy presents I can use too, he's slowly catching onto me though!

It was great just to switch off for a few days and get away from it all. We've been under a great deal of stress the past few months so to be able to just lounge about and consume our own body weight in food was just perfect.

The castle was originally constructed in the 1860's and was renovated and extended in 2007, the interior is stunning, it's really what you would expect, although at times it's a bit OTT, but at least it's authentic. The food was amazing- I've never tasted anything like the wild mushroom soup before and would go back for that alone. The only thing I could fault was the spa facilities, the pool is quite basic and only has a steam room, it definitely wouldn't hold a patch to Galgorm Resort in Ballymena. But everything else was 5*, especially the service so I'm counting the day's until I go back (minus child the next time though).

This was Saturdays outfit for exploring the grounds, the main objective here was warm feet as I knew it was going to be wet, these boots done the trick. I can't for the life of me remember where I got them so they're obviously ancient but at least I had no worries about destroying them.
Black suede boots - ???
Cream blouse - Next
Khaki Jeggings - H&M
Cream bird print scarf - Warehouse
Leather jacket - Oasis
This was what I changed into after my beach outfit of jeans and trainers on sunday to head home, a stretchy skirt was the main objective here, plenty of room for le ole food baby!
Grey boxy jumper - H&M
Pale pink waterfall cardi - H&M
Stripey skirt - H&M
Black boots - Jones Bootmaker
Grey scarf- Haven't a clue


  1. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog about my wedding plans. cant believe youve had 7 weddings a year! ive only been to 4 weddings in total! x


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