Thursday, 15 November 2012

A little treasure

I bought this little set at a craft fair I was at on Saturday, I've never been into china cups as they never hold enough tea for me, I use a massive mug that's bordering on a bowl, but when I seen this I though it was simply stunning, the pattern was so unusual. I just bought the one set but I know they have more in their shop so I think I'm going to have to get at least four of them. This set was quite reasonable compared to the rest, but they were more of the traditional flowery style so they would have had a lot more time spent on them. This was a steal at a fiver I think.


Not entirely sure if I'll ever use them but its nice to look at if nothing else, maybe I should hold a little tea party once I get a full set, any excuse for cakes and a gossip!


I also bought honeycomb and 'yella man' but don't ask me what it is, all I know is it's made in Ballycastle on the north west coast and sold in fairs throughout Northern Ireland, it looks disgusting (it could pass for a melted yellow crayon) but I can assure you its not. The honeycomb on the other hand was very strong, I was expecting it to taste just like the inside of a Crunchie bar but it had a real bitter after taste, so I think it wont disappear as quick as the yella man.  


  1. Never heard of the yella man but I love a bit of honeycomb. However, I call it cinder toffee.

  2. Everyone needs to try yella man it's amazing!!


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