Sunday, 28 October 2012

Lazy saturday style

Ok so let me start by saying this isn't the most fashion forward outfit in the world, it was actually the first three things I pulled from the top of the ironing pile yesterday, and after I had them ironed and draped over a chair I thought, hey they actually go well together and I can't really be arsed ironing anything else so that's simply how this outfit was born. Then I simply fired on a few accessories, and there you have it. I actually didn't end up leaving the house yesterday so this was really a waste of an outfit, so I will pull it out another time.

Please excuse my hair, I'm currently growing it out from a 'Frankie saturdays' style so it's a complete nightmare, although my hair does grow quick not just quick enough!

Animal print scarf/snood - New Look
Tan cardi - Next
Stripey shirt - Topshop
Straight leg jeans- Zara
Brown leather belt - Charity shop


  1. Oh crikey - you have legs up to your armpits! Drat - I hoped you were going to be a midget like me! Just joking. Lovely to see you doing am outfit post and the jeans do really look great on you. I like the fact that you've added the belt to take the outfit up a notch. That's one of the few things I rarely do as I look too bunched up but you look nice. I wore a belt today on a dress and it made me feel a bit trussed up - I am a really simple dresser actually. Keep up the blogging - you'll soon have it in your stride!

  2. Aw thanks for your lovely comment Sue, it's still all a bit daunting putting myself out there! Really like your simple relaxed style, it really works for you.

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