Sunday, 28 October 2012

Lazy saturday style

Ok so let me start by saying this isn't the most fashion forward outfit in the world, it was actually the first three things I pulled from the top of the ironing pile yesterday, and after I had them ironed and draped over a chair I thought, hey they actually go well together and I can't really be arsed ironing anything else so that's simply how this outfit was born. Then I simply fired on a few accessories, and there you have it. I actually didn't end up leaving the house yesterday so this was really a waste of an outfit, so I will pull it out another time.

Please excuse my hair, I'm currently growing it out from a 'Frankie saturdays' style so it's a complete nightmare, although my hair does grow quick not just quick enough!

Animal print scarf/snood - New Look
Tan cardi - Next
Stripey shirt - Topshop
Straight leg jeans- Zara
Brown leather belt - Charity shop

Thursday, 25 October 2012

So............. who and what is this blog about?

Hello and welcome to anyone who may be reading this, I thought I should start by introducing myself and telling you who and what this blog is going to be all about. I’m a 30 year old mother to the best little man in the world and wife to the best big man in the world (although I might be biased!). I have an ever-growing fashion addiction, so my blog will mostly be about fashion, outfit posts, wish lists, and as the blog name suggests, little treasures I have found and any great pleasures in life generally.

My 9-5 (or 8-5 in my case) life is very different to my life outside of work, I work in a very male dominated industry and while I enjoy my job immensely it sort of stifles my creativity fashion wise. I have passed many a happy hour stuck in the middle of a concrete pour, up scaffolding and generally telling men what to do (oh the joys) and generally getting a mucky, so as you can imagine not really the place for peplum dresses, studs, skinny jeans and the like. While my role has changed over the last couple of years I can’t ever rule out the possibility of donning the aule rigger boots, high vis and hard hat once again, so for now I’m enjoying the fact that I can actually wear make up and dress like a girl again for a while.

I absolutely love reading blogs and have been doing so for years and have always wanted to start my own blog, but I always put it out of my head on the premise that no one would find it interesting but me (which still may be the case) and that I wouldn't have the time, but there's been a few changes our lives recently which mean I now appreciate my time a lot more so I decided to bite the bullet as life really is too short!

So here goes……………….;)