Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Baby T'n'P

Our perfect little woman arrived 06.04.14 at 8:10am, weighing in at a whopping 6lb 6oz! 

After days of labour pains she arrived rather unexpectedly. We are both doing great, and she has been an absolute angel since she has arrived, so long may that continue. The wee man has now become the big man, and is obsessed with his little sister thankfully. 

I'm still in shock and really can't believe I'm the mother of a little girl, but also scared as I'm now going to be eternally broke. So much shopping so little time!!  

I'm going to take a while to enjoy her, so will be quiet on here for a while. I will still be active on Instagram though, so you can follow me on there if you wish by clicking here

T x 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Sunday skirt

Recently, it seems without even realising it I've created a Sunday uniform. I always take the opportunity to dress up on a Sunday, and generally try to wear a skirt or a dress. This hasn't fallen by the wayside during pregnancy as I have quite a few stretchy pencil skirts which are guaranteed to fit at any time. As we usually go out for dinner on a Sunday evening, they are perfect for housing a food baby, or in my case an actual baby. 

Of course skirts are the item of the season, with so many styles around to pick from. I do love the flared bottom ones and will definitely be getting a few once I've popped, but at the minute the stretchy pencil skirt is my savior. 

If I see a patterned stretchy pencil skirt I pounce on it, and extra marks are given for one with navy or black elements, ensuring it's wearable with tights as much as bare legs. Remember those bare legged days of last summer ahhhhh ......... I'm hoping they're not too far away again. 

Primark jumper 
H&M chambray shirt
H&M skirt
M&S ankle boots
Office flats
Hunter wellies 

A few weeks back myself and my friend took our little men on a leprechaun trail at a local national trust property. The day for me started in this outfit and my new M&S navy boots, they lasted all of about half an hour, when I spied my office flats (which are like slippers at this stage) calling to me. But they were never going to withstand a forest trail so the trusty hunters had to step in. 

Now I know Hunter boots can be expensive, but I really do believe they are worth the money, as for a wellies they are very comfortable. Mine get quite a bit of wear living in both the country, and on a building site and are usually covered in muck and all sorts. Safe to say they mine are not usually paired with a tulle skirt and pearls! 

A little tip by the way if you're a smaller size, order the childrens ones from Next they are around £45, and just finish a little more below the knee. Perfect if you're petite or have shorter legs too. 

Next jumper 
Savida skirt 
M&S ankle boots 

Last weeks outfit for 'the last supper' with my friends, was based around the Savida skirt I picked up to wear on Boxing Day. I absolutely love the colours in this skirt, and would love an orange cashmere jumper specifically to wear with it. Again the M&S boots were on, this time for long enough to break them in. 

F&F shell top
eBay necklace
H&M skirt
Dunnes pumps 

On Sunday for Mother's Day lunch out, I wore my 'oldie but a goodie' H&M floral skirt. I've got so much wear out of this skirt, it's well over 3 years old. The fact that it features so many different colours mean I have tons of tops to match it in my wardrobe. When I get a mental block over what to wear this is my fall back skirt every time. 

The F&F shell top made it's debut too, it was a little short with bump stretching it to maximum capacity, so a black vest was worn underneath to protect my modesty. 

I'm hoping I won't see another Sunday with a bump apart from a rather deflated one as I'm due this week. I went early last time, and have everything crossed the same will happen again, but of course with babies you never know. So I could end up in a stretchy pencil skirt next Sunday again!! Who knows?!!!

T x 

Saturday, 29 March 2014

A little luxury

So after The Treasure Trove necklaces featuring on the runway at Belfast Fashion Week, the next best thing to happen recently was a break at my favourite hotel. I went to Lough Eske Castle in Donegal at the weekend, to squeeze in some last minute pampering while I still can.

Safe to say I was not disappointed. Being a 5* hotel, all the rooms are that bit special, but we got a lovely little surprise when the porter informed us we were heading to the presidential suite while in the lift. It was simply bliss, while it wasn't the biggest room I've stayed in at the hotel, it certainly was the grandest.

Thanks to a late checkout we were able to basically eat non stop for 24 hours. The food there is second to none, and my favourite meal of the day breakfast, lasted well over an hour with a least five courses consumed- well I had to make up for the lack of alcohol calories consumed somehow!!

After the success of my capsule packing back in December, I decided to give it another go, and set myself the challenge of basing all my outfits around one pair of jeans (nothing to do with the fact that I only have a few pairs that fit me now of course!).

Friday: all H&M and necklace from The Treasure Trove
Friday night: Zara blouse, Treasure Trove necklace, H&M jeans, Zara shoes
Saturday: F&F shirt, Next jumper, H&M jeans, H&M brogues

It worked out ok, other than the fact the hotel was absolutely roasting and the shirt/jumper combo I usually favour was a bit too much. I definitely have a new found love for capsule packing, as I love a wee styling challenge, and it definitely makes things easier when picking what to wear. 

I'm loving a bit of double polka dot at the minute, and have wore this jumper/shirt combo together a few times over the past few weeks. The F&F shirt is great quality, I almost bought a New Look one but this one is much better for the money.

Sorry for the rubbish photos by the way, the hotel is all very dark and moody and somehow forgot my SLR and the crappy iPhone camera can't really cope with lack of light. 


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Belfast Fashion Week - Local designer night

I'm not quite sure where to begin with this post as I've been up to so much recently, but I suppose I should start with the most exciting thing that has happened lately.

I mentioned on my last post that some of my necklaces were featured on the catwalk alongside Nor Lisa Fashion, a local designer based in Northern Ireland, at Belfast Fashion Week. It was a fabulous opportunity after only getting The Treasure Trove up and running two weeks previous.

It was great to be a part of Fashion Week in a different capacity for a change. There are some unbelievable designers in Northern Ireland, I wasn't even aware of the talent that we had available to us. The local designers showcasing their talent were Grainne Maher, Julia Sokele, Gordon Donaldson, Rachel McKnight and of course Nor Lisa.

Local boutiques were also on the runway showing a vast array of occasion dresses, and I got plenty of inspiration for the weddings we have the rest of the year. The inspiration came from Blush, Jourdan, Diamond Dolls, Harrison and Cruise.

All photos by Cliff Donaldson 

All necklaces can be bought via the online shop here, I've had some new stuff in recently and I am (im)patiently awaiting delivery of loads more necklaces and earrings in the next few days so check back!

So what did I wear? Well it was not so much a question of "what will I wear?" but more a case of  "What will fit my 38 week bump, without looking stupid?". In the end I resorted to the River Island dress I bought a few months back, and my trusty yellow H&M jacket. Topped of with a yellow necklace, and flat shoes of course as I was on my feet all night.

I actually wore the same jacket at last years Spring show too, it's definitely my Fashion week staple, that and the fact that I'm obsessed with yellow!

H&M jacket
River Island dress
Sheinside necklace
Dunnes pumps
I'll be back on my next post with a round out of my outfits lately, gotta get all caught up before baby T'n'P arrives!


Thursday, 20 March 2014

Crazy times!

I finally got round to getting my new blog look sorted, coupled with a new logo, for it and The Treasure Trove shop- I have to say I'm totally chuffed. One less thing on my to do list before baby TnP makes an appearance!

It's been a busy old week at chez TnP. Between new stock for the shop arriving daily, sorting the blog and logos, doing a pop up shop at Belfast Fashion Week and showing necklaces on the catwalk, and then tomorrow I head off to a 5* Spa break with a friend just to top it all off!

Needless to say I'm finding it hard to get time for actual blogging, and carrying my 38 week bump around doesn't help matters. But I will hopefully get caught up at the weekend and fill you in on all the happenings!

I'll leave you with a photo from last nights show at Belfast Fashion Week, featuring one of The Treasure Trove necklaces worn on the catwalk with a fabulous Nor Lisa design. Check her out here.

Buy in the online shop here 


Friday, 14 March 2014

I've found my holy grail...........

I've been on the hunt for navy boots since forever. Now we all know how hard navy shoes are to find, but seriously this has been going on about two years!! Still, I never gave up hope. But today I can finally say the hunt is officially over. 

M&S £39
I ordered them Wednesday afternoon and they were with me today - this was my first ever order from M&S online, and I'm beyond impressed. But what was even more impressive is that they were on sale! £65 down to £39, for real suede was a bit of a bargain in my eyes. 

They are quite high, but are very comfy at the same time. They're a perfect shape for me, they will go with not only jeans and jackets, but will work with dresses and patterned trousers too, when something a bit more dressy is called for. They are what I like to call a 'Friday night shoe', for when you want you look smart but not as dressy as a Saturday night - and yes, I'm well aware I'm weird here, but that's how it works in my head. 

They are described as wide fit, but I took a chance on them as I have a seriously narrow foot. Surprisingly, they are the perfect fit on me, so if you have a very wide foot I can't imagine these would be very comfortable. Sizes are limited in them, with only 5, 5.5, 6.5 and 7 left. 

M&S £35
I did also order these above, but I knew in my heart of hearts they wouldn't work on  me. And I was right. The top of them stops right where my calf muscle starts, so they give the illusion its that thickness the whole way down and have a bit of a cankle. This is my biggest bugbear when buying ankle boots. 

That's not to say they won't work for someone else with of a different height and different shaped leg. They are also on sale at £35, again a complete bargain for suede boots if you ask me. I ordered my normal size, and they were very big on me, I could definitely get away with a half size smaller or possibly even a full size.

Onto out outfits lately. Well the struggle continues, having a drastically reduced wardrobe is not nice at all, but I mustn't grumble as it'll all be worth it I know, when I've got new baby smell on tap, and wee wrinkly toes to coo over. 
Boden breton
H&M joggers
Nike hi-tops
Next shirt
Primark longline vest (great for bump coverage)
Zara jeans
Zara trainers

I'm determined not to jump on the New Balance bandwagon, although I do love them. These Zara trainers that I picked up in January last year, are of a similar shape, so will do me until I crack - because there's no doubt I will crack!

As promised here are some new additions to The Treasure Trove. These all have more than a nod to the spring floral trend, and would be perfect to top off a wedding outfit. 

The Treasure Trove £25
The Treasure Trove £25
The Treasure Trove £20

That's me mostly caught up for now, because I would hate to go into labour not having shared all this with you - priorities eh?!


Monday, 10 March 2014

Big up NI!

Well it's been a hectic few days to say the least, after the launch of my online store The Treasure Trove, on Thursday I've been very busy. It's not just online orders, but quite a few orders from local girls through the Facebook page. I shouldn't be surprised as we're a stylish bunch here in Northern Ireland. We used to get left behind in the fashion stakes, but not anymore. Local entrepreneurs are popping up everywhere these days, and I for one love to see it. 

There are also a lot more bloggers on the scene these days, which is great as NI isn't that big so we usually end up bumping into each other at some stage. Here's a list of blogs in a Northern Ireland Fashion and Beauty bloggers group (FABB) that I'm part of, as featured on the Sugahfix website, which is a fabulous blog in itself. 

Blogger meet up a few weeks back with two of my favourite NI bloggers, Avril of School Gate Style and Rosanna of Silver Brogues 
There are always some amazing events happening in Northern Ireland, not least Belfast Fashion Week which runs from the 19th - 23rd March, featuring the talents of local designers, MUA's and Hairdressers. Some tickets are still available here

So onto outfits lately. As you can imagine with each passing day its becoming more of a struggle to squeeze into my old clothes, but I'll have to struggle on for a few weeks yet as there's no point buying new stuff now. 

This was my outfit the day after the wedding last week, hence the fancy hair do still in place - I woke up like dis! I wore the same dress as our meet up a few weeks back, only it was A LOT tighter this time. 
Topshop dress
H&M pea coat
Office flats
Fridays effort for the wee mans art class and a mooch around town, not the best choice for an hour spent on the floor but hey ho, you live and learn. 
Necklace from my shop - buy here
Dorothy Perkins shirt
H&M jumper
H&M maternity jeans
Moda In Pelle boots
Yesterdays outfit featured an 'omgshockhorror' bare ankle!! There was a slight hint of spring was in the air, and I mean slight! (Ps. I promise my neck wasn't the weird colour it looks in these close up pics)
Necklace from my shop - buy here
H&M shirt
H&M jumper
Primark trousers
H&M brogues
You may have noticed my little Instagram pics popping up on the right hand corner. I've recently set up a blog Instagram and you can follow me on @treasuresnpleasures, if that's your thing. I, for one love Instagram as I'm a very visual person, and I love taking photos of course. I'm also on twitter on @TnPleasures. So be social and get following!